Lucy Has An Upper Respiratory Infection (And He Slept On Me Last Night)

Lucy started wheezing and sniffling a lot a few hours after he came home from the vet on Tuesday. We were pretty worried about it, and took him into the vet the next day. The vet thinks that he already had an upper respiratory infection and that chemo made it worse. So, he started on antibiotics last night. Still, though, he wasn’t feeling very well and laid on me while I was sleeping for most of the night! He woke me up for cuddles at 5 am or so and was sneezing and sniffling all over the place! I cuddled with him for a bit but then had to put him outside the bedroom because I knew I couldn’t sleep with a sniffly, sneezy boy next to my face! He can be quite the cuddler when he doesn’t feel well.

Patrick had chemo at home on Sunday (a pill) and didn’t want to eat much yesterday. I gave him some Mirataz, an appetite stimulant, and as of this morning he is back to eating like normal. He seems a little stuffy to me too. If it gets worse he may also have to go to the vet. URIs can spread between cats.

I finished revising the first 20 pages of my chapter book this morning. Now I just need to work on implementing more of my editor’s suggestions to the next 20-40 pages or so. I opted to work on the children’s book with him this month. Hopefully that’s enough to keep me busy.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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