Lucy has Intermediate Cell Lymphoma

We met with Lucy’s Oncologist this morning. Based off his history and lab results he has been diagnosed with intermediate cell lymphoma, and the vet thinks that it is moving towards large cell (a fast growing) lymphoma. He started chemotherapy today and had some testing done. We’ll here back about the testing by the end of the day and into next week.

It’s pretty scary to have two cats who both have cancer at the same time. I love both of them very much. They’re my emotional support cats too. They are very good about helping me with my health conditions. And they are just so sweet!

In terms of the type of chemo that Lucy will have, we opted for the less invasive pill form of chemotherapy (Lumostine). He will get it every four to six weeks at the vet’s office. This form of chemo has a lower success rate than the IV, but the reason why we chose it is that it is less vet visits for Lucy, and it worked well for Marmalade two years ago.

On a lighter note, David and I got our marriage license today! We are going to have the legal ceremony on Sunday followed by a formal one in the summer. It was pretty exciting to get our marriage license though, even though it is just for a legal ceremony.

We aren’t going to be able to do much after the ceremony on Sunday, though, because for the next five days or so we’ll be keeping a close eye on Lucy. There is always a risk that after the first chemo treatment that a mass can rupture. Luckily it didn’t happen with Marmalade but with Lucy you never know. Plus, we’ll be caring for him post-chemo. That’s always tough. You might be wondering, why are they getting married now? Part of it is because I want Lucy around on my wedding day! The other reason is to take pressure off of us overall.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I’ll give another update tomorrow.

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