Lucy’s Aspirates Came Back Inconclusive Again Plus David and I Are Eloping in the Near Future

Lucy had some aspirates taken on the mass in his abdomen a week from this past Friday. The vet was sure that they would show what type of cancer he has. The results came back on Friday and they are inconclusive again. I’m pretty worried about this because this means that we can’t be sure if this is even cancer or not, or a mass. The vets are very sure it is some type of lymphoma, though, because there are lymph cells all over, but they just don’t know what kind it is, which will affect treatment.

We are meeting with his Oncologist next week, where I’m guessing that he will need more tests. I still wouldn’t be surprised if they might want to do a diagnostic surgery. The issue with that is, though, that it would be risky because of where the mass is in his abdomen. So I really have no idea what they are going to do. They might move forward with chemotherapy even though they don’t have all the answers is what I have been told.

I saw a new naturopath on Friday, who seemed to be knowleadgable about CAEBV and somewhat about HHV6, and she is only 15 minutes away (in the next town over). This is good news. But, she couldn’t run tests to see where my numbers are because she’s not covered by insurance. This should change in the next few weeks though, because I should be able to get on David’s insurance after we elope, which we are planning on doing soon. We’re going to get our marriage license sometime this week, and then hopefully elope over the weekend. Then in August we are going to have a formal ceremony with our families and maybe a few friends. I’m really excited about all of this and can’t wait to marry David! He’s such a good guy and is perfect for me in so many ways.

Anyways, back to Lucy. I am very worried about what is going on with him, and it sucks to just continue to not get any answers. It seems like right now I’m counting the seconds until we meet with the Oncologist. I need to remind myself, though, that the Oncologist might not have answers either. It’s all very frustrating, especially for a person with ADHD/autism who needs concrete answers to things.

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