Lucy’s Doing Much Better Now that He’s on Prednisolone

Last night Lucy started eating normally again! We didn’t even have to give him an appetite stimulant. The steriod that he’s on for his tumor (prednisolone) seems to be working well! It’s also helping him to eat because it increases his appetite. He’s back to eating his prescription food!

I’m very glad about this. Hopefully we can have a few more months with him once he starts chemo. I called the vet yesterday and a tech told me though that we will probably not know the results of his aspirates (what type of cancer this is) until Friday or maybe early next week. He’s seeing his Oncologist a week from today, so the results should be in by then.

The main problem that he’s having, though, is that even though he’s hungry, his tummy can’t handle too much food at once. So we are having to reduce the amount that he eats and then feed him every 4-6 hours instead of twice a day. It’s a lot of work, but worth it. Yesterday I fed him a full meal at breakfast and he threw it all up about two hours later, right in front of our bi-weekly maid while she was trying to clean the house (and he threw up about five times). Now I know not to feed him that much. It was quite embarassing to have him doing that while someone was at the house, but hey, what can you do about it? I learned what I needed to learn from it.

Patrick’s still struggling to eat a bit. He’s on a lower dose of Prednisolone than Lucy, and we don’t want to raise it because he has had reactions to steriods in the past. He is a very sensitive boy when it comes to medications and tends to need lower doses than other cats. But, he is at least eating half of his daily amount of food per day, which is enough to get him by for the long term while undergoing chemo.

I actually slept well in, too, for the first time since starting stimulants for ADHD. According to my Fitbit, I got over 9 hours of sleep. So I’m feeling better. But, I am in a flare, which started last week. I can tell because I have a cold sore on my tongue. That means that either the EBV or HVV6 is flaring. I do hate it when I get cold sores on my tongue because they can be very painful. This one, though, doesn’t seem as bad as the last set of ones that I got last spring during my last big flare up.

My editor got back to me regarding the first 20 pages of my 250 page novel. It looks like I have a lot of work to do, and a lot of learning to do! Today I’m basically going to rewrite the first two pages. Apparently I have too much background/explanation and not enough dialogue in my book.

I still want another reborn but have decided that right now is not the time to get one. We just don’t have room for another one right now. But eventually we will. We’re going to buy a storage unit so that we can clear out our third bedroom and the closet in there, and then we’re going to redo the closet. This should give enough space for the clothes of at least one more doll, maybe more. We’ll see. I tend to get a lot of clothes per doll and want to hang up all the dresses, shirts, and onesies, at least for my girl dolls. I’m not sure about the boys. If I want more dolls, though, I may have to settle on just hanging up dresses and rompers. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below.

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