Lucy’s Going To Have Diagnostic Surgery

Lucy had a cardio workup yesterday and has been cleared to have a diagnostic surgery next week. He needs to be taken off Plavix, a blood thinner, for a week before he has it. This is actually good news because it means that his heart condition has improved from a month ago. Apparently his arrhythmia is normalizing and his heart is no longer enlarged. So this is good. During the surgery the surgeon is going to take biopsies of thickened areas in his intestines and remove an inflamed lymph node and test it for cancer, which is the worst case scenario. This could also be his inflammatory disease and if so, getting a sample to see what’s going on will help the vet determine what medications he needs to be on.

He’s not eating great right now though, which makes me worry that this is some type of aggressive cancer. He only ate about a quarter of his food this morning, and barely ate yesterday. We started him on anti-nausea pills last night and are going to start him on an appetite stimulant this evening. Hopefully he’ll start eating again. I’m pretty worried about him right now.

His eating right now (the way that he doesn’t eat anyways) reminds me of Marmalade when he had large cell lymphoma. Hopefully Lucy doesn’t have that but we’ll see.

It’s been pretty hard to wait to have his surgery scheduled, and then even after it we have to wait a week to get the results. The whole time he is going downhill. Hopefully they catch whatever this is in time to reverse some of his symptoms.

As for me, I’m trying out a local yoga class today. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m also pretty nervous.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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