Now I’m Sick Again!

I started getting chills yesterday, but no fever, and woke up this morning with a really upset and painful stomach. I don’t know if I caught something new, or if this is the return of the stomach flu that I had over the holidays. All I know is that I don’t feel great.

I’m also worried about Lucy. He was vomiting, having diarrhea, and not eating much all weekend. He’s in at the vet today so I’ll put up a blog later today or tomorrow about what’s going on with him. His heart is being checked today along with the usual exam to see if he can withstand surgery.

I was going to take Logan, one of my reborns for a walk today, but it looks like I’ll be staying home. I’m still going to do some cleaning, though. Right now our third bedroom contains a treadmill and a bunch of junk that needs to be boxed up and put in the garage or in a storage space. I started working on making a give-away box over the weekend and am going to tackle this project with David. I want to make that room into a baby changing room. I’ll probably take some before pictures today so that we can take after pictures when it’s done.

I’m also considering getting another realborn reborn, a 7 month June. It’s really hard to decide on which one I want though. I’ve been looking at, but apparently not all artists on there are reputable. There’s a few artists who are willing to make customs for me, and a few that are already available. I’m looking for an open eyed doll this time, as both of my dolls right now are sleeping/eyes closed. I think it would be interesting to get one with eyes open, and to get a bigger doll where it is easier to shop for clothes and there are more types of clothes available.

I didn’t sleep well last night either because Lucy threw up right before 6 am. Then I was so worried about him that I had a hard time staying asleep. Hopefully he’s okay. He’s my little baby you know.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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