The Kitties Keep Getting Sick

We’re back to that point where Lucy is acting like he did when he had cancer previously, minus the wieght gain. He’s throwing up all of the time and having issues keeping his food down. Perdi, our 10 year old female cat, is having the same problem, so we’re worried about her too. Patrick spit up his food yesterday as well. I’m not sure what’s going on with everyone around here in terms of vomiting. We’re probably going to have to take Perdi back to the vet.

Patrick’s been doing this funny thing too where he steps in poop in the litterbox and then tracks it all over the house. This is unusual for him because he’s usually a clean and careful cat. But for some reason he’s not able to step around stuff in the litter box anymore. I do know that he has late stage arthritis, so this may be contributing to his inability to get around. He also can get pretty lethargic simply becuase he’s fighting cancer.

On top of stepping in poop, Patrick also doesn’t seem to be cleaning himself too well, which means that unless I clean him off, he doesn’t get clean. It’s too bad. I hate seeing him going downhill, but that’s part of life and owning cats. Eventually they get old, and get sick. I’m really learning this lesson these days.

Lucy’s also been making it hard for me to sleep the last couple of nights because he keeps lying on me in any way he can. If I’m on my back, he’ll try to lay on my stomach or chest. If I’m on my side, he’ll actually lay on the side that’s up to the air. He really seems to like the warmth and is pretty needy of attention right now. But, I obviously can’t sleep when he lays on me, so I try to get him to lay to the side of me and at least just put his head on me rather than his whole body. But, then a few times during the night, he’ll shift back to fully laying on me, and I’ll have to wake up and move him around. It is quite cute though.

I am doing much better myself since I started using roll-on CBD/hemp oil and also tiger balm. I’m sleeping better (and less), have more energy during the day, and am able to relax now that my pain is down. The interesting thing is that I put the CBD all over my face since I tend to get a lot of headaches, and it actually works to resolve and prevent them! I wish that I would have tried CBD earlier, but I had a head full of AA that told me not to. It’s been so good for me to leave there and deprogram from all the harmful messages that I was given.

I’ve also been dieting and exercising and have lost about two pounds so far. But, I still don’t fit into all size 4 pants, which is annoying because size 6 are too big. So I still want to lose at least five pounds, or enough so that I can fit into the size 4 pants that I have.

I’m excited for the four week yoga series that I’m starting next week. Hopefully it will be good for me, and hopefully my social anxiety surrounding group settings won’t get the best of me. I still get really anxious around groups because of all the group-related trauma that I’ve been through.

In about two weeks I should start hearing from publishers about my Silver and Spot book. Wish me luck! It’s really hard to wait this long to hear back from them.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

Lucy Sitting On My Lap This Morning

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