Patrick Had A Hard Time At The Vet Yesterday

Both Patrick and Lucy have been having problems eating even half of their food so they are both going through a lot of testing right now. So far, both are anemic, which can affect how much they eat, and Lucy’s cancer may have come back or he’s having a flare of his IBD. Plus, they are both having upper respiratory problems from the feline herpes virus, so this could be affecting how food smells to them.

Patrick and I went to see his Oncologist yesterday about his problems with eating. The Oncologist said that there are a few possibilities, such as his cancer growing worse, or that he is growing tolerant to his current chemotherapy medication. He also said that an upper respiratory infection could be the culprit, and gave us some antibiotics for Patrick to rule that out. There is another chemo drug that he can try but it’s usually only successful for a year or two, whereas the one he’s on has a longer success rate. So, we don’t want to switch to that until we’ve tried other things.

A few years ago, Patrick had serotonin syndrome due to an appetite stimulant called Mirtazipine. He had to be hospitalized for a couple of days. Apparently, there is a newer version of this drug that is weaker potency and is extended release that the vet might want to try with Patrick. I, of course, am nervous, but the vet said we would start off at a low dose. So that’s another option if he’s not eating (before switching chemo meds).

And then, of course, we could always do more ultrasounds and testing to make sure that the cancer isn’t growing or has changed, but so far the vet doesn’t think that’s the case.

It took awhile to go over all of this with the vet. As I said, Patrick’s now on antibiotics, and is trying out different foods to see if this is a taste thing. He doesn’t seem to keen on the new food that we tried out yesterday, though.

Patrick did fine at the vet, even with the 25 minute drive there, during the appointment. But then, we got out to the lobby to pay and there were dogs there. One owner, who was in front of us in line, was talking to the receptionist and not watching his dog and the dog came over to Patrick (in his carrier) and started harassing him. Patrick, of course, started hissing and growling, but the owner didn’t notice because he was so busy talking to reception. It was frustrating. Finally, the owner and the dog left. I should have said something because Patrick was upset after that for awhile.

He was pretty quiet during the drive home and is happy to be home today.

In terms of Lucy, I’m still waiting to hear from the vet about when his diagnostic surgery will be. I’m worried because it’s supposed to snow all next week, and as I said it’s a drive to this clinic. Luckily, David has a bronco, so we should be able to make it in. Still, driving Lucy in a snowmaggedon (that’s what people are calling it) won’t be fun. Speaking of the snow, today when I go to the store I’m going to buy a gallon jug of water just in case it is as bad as some are predicting. I might buy some non-perishable food too.

The other thing that’s on my mind is that I’m not sure if I want another reborn or not, or what kind/size that I want. The issue is that I don’t have any more drawer space for baby clothes. Our house is so full of stuff. If I want a different sized baby, which I do (I want a 25 inch one) I will have to clear room on my bookshelf and put the clothes folded on the bookshelf. That’s going to be a lot of work, and I just don’t know if I have the energy or motivation to do that right now. On the flipside, though, if I did clean the house out it would look a lot nicer! I’m torn.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below.

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