I’m Trying Out the ADHD Medication Jornay

My psychiatrist has been trying to get me to try Jornay for some time. It’s an ADHD medication that’s taken at night and is timed release so that 10 hours or so later it starts working, and then works for 12 hours. It’s also not generic, which is important because I have issues with generic ADHD medications.

I’m on my second day of taking it. The first night I took it, though, I could barely sleep. I’m pretty sure that it lets off minute amounts of stimulants, which helps a lot of ADHD patients sleep, but it disrupts mine. Yesterday during the day I noticed that my brain fog was gone. I’m also feeling better because my heart rate and blood pressure are higher. They’ve been getting too low because of my other medications.

Last night I did sleep better, but still kept waking up throughout the night. I’m still going to give this medication a try, though, and stay at the lower doses. My psychiatrist wants me to get up to 60 mg (I’m on 20 now) but I don’t see that happening. I might go up one more dose but I’m not sure. I’m doing pretty well on this dose and don’t want to risk more side effects.

I can’t believe how much clearer my mind is, though, now that I’m back on ADHD medications, and particularly a brand name one. The only problem is that this medication is expensive and is not covered by my insurance, so we’ll have to figure out what to do after the first initial free month of it. At least I know that a 12 hour timed release ADHD stimulant works for me.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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