Lucy’s Going To Have Surgery In Order To Determine if He Has Cancer Again

Lucy’s aspirates came back as inconclusive so he’s going to have to have surgery to see if his cancer has come back. It’s going to take a few weeks, though, to get everything prepped because he needs to go off of Plavix for a week (a blood thinner) and meet with cardiology to make sure that he can go under anasthesia okay right now. I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing but know that both he and his brother have gone through similar surgeries before. And, the vet is worried that he might have large cell lymphoma, which was what Marmalade had. Marmalade only lived about 4 or 5 months past his diagnosis.

So yeah the whole thing has me worried, plus I don’t like that Lucy will be in a cone for a few weeks. He’ll hate that. He’ll heal though, it will just be another journey for him and for us. I had planned on going shopping for wedding dresses, too, around this time, but that may have to be put off.

Also, I’m gaining weight again. It’s annoying, and I’m gaining more than I should be in comparison to what I’m eating. I’m pretty sure that this is related to Vryalar, the antipsychotic that I’m on that’s supposed to be weight neutral. The sad thing is that I really am starting to feel better, so I don’t know if I should switch meds. I see my psychiatrist in just over a week so I can talk to her about it then.

For now, I have a bunch of phone calls to make and medications to refill for the cats. Wish us all luck with all of our upcoming endeavors!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below.

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