Patrick’s Anemic

Patrick went into the vet yesterday because he hasn’t been eating well. The vet found that he is anemic. He had an iron shot that lasts a month or two, but if that doesn’t work he might have to have weekly injections. The vet said that the reason he is anemic is due to long term chemotherapy, however, his brother is anemic too and is on iron supplements and is not undergoing chemotherapy. This makes me wonder if something else is causing anemia in both of them.

Hopefully, this is what is the problem with Lucy too. We’ll see. Right now he is refusing to eat any food that has large kibbles, so we think that the problem might be his teeth. We’ll talk to the vet about it next week.

I always feel bad every night when we give Patrick and Lucy their medications. At night, Lucy has 8, and Patrick has 10. It’s sad to give them so many, and Patrick especially hates getting his meds. Lately, he’s been hiding in the litterbox to avoid them. I know, though, that the meds help and that Patrick and Lucy are still going strong despite all the treatments they are on. It’s just hard to see them go through this.

In better news, I’ve been trying out new recipes. We made a roasted chicken last week, which I don’t know if I’ve ever had (at least similar to this recipe), and then last night I made chicken stock from the leftover chicken bones and made it into a chicken and gnocci soup. It was really good, and I’m looking forward to eating the leftovers for lunch! I think that for Christmas Eve we might cook roasted duck now that I know how to roast meats.

I’m also still working on revising my longer books, which is going well. Next month I’ll start working with them with my editor.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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