My Fatigue is Really High Right Now

My fatigue levels are really high right now for some reason. I got my thyroid and metabolic levels checked yesterday and everything is fine, so I’m not sure what it is coming from. It may just be the dark, short days; I’m not sure. I just know that my tolerance for any kind of activity, especially exercise, is really low.

I did sign up for a yoga series at a nearby studio that starts in January. Hopefully this will be a good thing for me and will provide me with extra social support. I talked to the instructor about my limitations when it comes to exercise right now and she said that I can go into the final resting position at any time during the class if I get tired. I’m glad!

Patrick and Lucy both have vet appointments later this week and next week. We’re really worried about Lucy. He hasn’t been eating well and refuses to eat his food. We’ve been giving him Tempest’s food for now. Hopefully he will be okay until his appointment.

In terms of wedding planning, I need to find a makeup artist in the area who does gluten free bridal makeup. I’m having a hard time finding one. It’s frustrating, and if I can’t find one that means that I go with no makeup on my wedding day! I have a massage later this week and will ask at that salon if they know of anyone in the area who has gluten free bridal makeup.

This morning I cleaned house and did chores for only half an hour and have been exhausted ever since. Because of this we are missing caroling with David’s church tonight. He is disappointed about it but understanding.

Some good news in my life right now is that I changed my dosage of Naltrexone to take at night and upped it (with doctor’s permission of course), and my chronic pain is much better, along with my mood and dissociative symptoms. It’s interesting how much chronic pain can affect a person. For me, it causes dissociation, anxiety, and moodiness. I’m really glad that I upped the LDN dose because I’m feeling much better overall since I did, even though I’m still very tired.

I’m thinking that I might get tested for anemia if my fatigue doesn’t lift. Even though I have a history of anemia, the doctor didn’t check for it. I’ll probably have to send her another message requesting a second blood draw. It’s frustrating that she didn’t cover all of her bases with this fatigue thing. I think that she is just assuming that the problem is “chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia”, but I feel like something else is going on. It’s frustrating. I hate that Medicare doesn’t cover much, even though the people who are on it are the ones who need specialists like Naturopaths the very most.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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