Lucy’s Having Heart Arrhythmias

We took Lucy into the vet yesterday because he hasn’t been eating well. It turns out that he is having pretty severe heart arrythmias! Apparently, his heart rate is spiking to really high to really low and is quite abnormal. The thing is that we had no idea that this was happening until we got him into the vet! The only thing that we knew was that he wasn’t eating well. He had to be hooked up to an EKG, and will have to see a cardio specialist probably next week. He was scheduled to see one late in January for a checkup on his cardiomyopathy, but they are going to move that appointment up.

It was pretty scary to go to the vet and have this happen. The vet said, though, that he’s not at emergency status or anything, just needs to be checked out soon. I was so worried, though, until I heard this.

Patrick and Marmalade also have (had) cardiomyopathy as well. I don’t know why all three of our tabbies have the same issues (Marmalade was not from the same litter as them) but they do. It’s kind of weird. It makes me wonder if Marmalade was distantly related to Patrick and Lucy, or if these are issues that are common in their breeds. I know that cardiomyopathy, which is when one of the ventricles or atrium of the heart is bigger than it should be, is rare in cats. And, Patrick’s type, where his atrium is enlarged, is even rarer. I find it so strange that so many of our cats have these rare issues.

Marmalade also had issues with phantom tail and being aggressive towards his tail. I don’t remember the name of the condition he had. What I know is that they had to cut off part of his tail because of an accident and then he wouldn’t stop attacking it. He was on different medications to help with this. I read in a cat magazine that a lot of the issue with this behavior/condition can be too much misdirected anxiety.

I wrote on a post on Facebook about three of our cats having intestinal cancer, and someone retorted and blamed it on their food. I replied back and said that they were on different food (Patrick and Lucy on one type, Marmalade on another) and that it’s more complicated than that. Basically, all three cats have issues with inflammation, food allergies, and anxiety, which led to all three having intestinal cancer. I also wonder if part of this is a breed issue.

It really bugs me actually when someone says something ignorant like that woman did, or jumps to conclusions about something without knowing much about the subject. I was still nice back to this woman and didn’t respond defensively or anything. Still, it frustrated me, but I handled it well.

Now back to Lucy. He wowed everyone after his appointment by walking around the lobby on his leash, and then he sat next to the Christmas tree and looked absolutely adorable. Everyone loved him, and he loved all of the attention. So, his appointment wasn’t totally horrible for him. I did spend the rest of the day with him, too, after his appointment, and he got a lot of attention! He seems to be doing okay.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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