I Finally Wrote A Scathing Review of Swedish Edmonds Plus The Drama Has Already Started Regarding Our Engagement

Yesterday I went onto Yelp and Google and posted a review about Swedish Edmonds Hospital. I wanted to give them zero starts but had to give them one. It was not a great review at all. I talked about how they didn’t believe a word I said to the point of where they didn’t check my chart to see if I have things like Stage 1 Kidney Disease and Hypanutremia and gave me medications that made those conditions worse. I also wrote about how they didn’t believe that I had active EBV because they ran the wrong tests and then when they finally ran the right ones two days before they left, they found out that I did. The thing is that the psychiatric unit is not supposed to have anyone with an infectious disease, I was infectious while there for a month, and telling them so, but they just told me I was delusional and that my symptoms were psychosomatic…. I probably could sue that hospital if I wanted. In addition to all of this, I wrote about how they believed my trauma and sexual assault history all to be a delusion despite police reports and crime victim compensation, and Kjelene (my twin) corroborating my story. At the end of my review I said that the staff is incredibly abusive to patients and that I will never go to a Swedish facility again.

Now let me tell you about the already mounting drama in David’s family involving our engagement. What is happening is that his Grandma, who just had surgery to remove cancer, is upset about our engagement because David made the announcement on her birthday. She feels like he stole her thunder, and because of this she refuses to acknowledge our engagement. Now I know that she’s sick with cancer, but I’m angry because this is not the first time that something like this has happened with his family.

When David bought our promise rings, I put up a post about it on Facebook right away because I was so excited. His mother was angry about it because we didn’t tell her first before putting it on Facebook. David felt really guilty and upset over it so ever since then I’ve made sure to wait until his family knows about something before putting it on Facebook or my blog.

So I waited until David told them (4 days after we got engaged) to announce on Facebook, and five days after my blog. But someone was upset anyways!

So I’m not going to keep doing that kind of thing anymore. If I want to post something on Facebook, even something big, or my blog, people are going to have to deal with it. It seems like no matter what I do, someone in David’s family is unhappy with me. This means that I’m not going to try to be all polite and revolve my life around them at all anymore, because no matter what I do David and I seem to get heat for it. It sucks, and it really pisses me off.

This is a big part of the reason, too, why David waited so long to propose. We both knew that there would be drama from his family because there always is around stuff regarding our relationship, and he wanted to make sure that I could handle it. My reaction to handling it is just that now I’m leaning more towards elopement than ever. I know that in Washington State you only need two witnesses, and seeing that I have an identical twin sister, she’ll be the most likely witness along with likely her husband. We’ll see though. I always wanted a bigger wedding but I have to protect my health and well-being first.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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