We Had a Hard Day Around Here Yesterday

Patrick’s been having a hard time with one of his medications: Prednisolone, which is similar to prednisode in people. It’s one of his cancer medications. Anyways, we went through our vet rather than the pharmacy to get it this month, because the pharmacy was changing owners and was slow. When the vet asked what flavor Patrick wanted, they had cherry and fish. Well, he loves cherries, so I went with that flavor!

It turns out, though, that cherry medication is very yucky, at least to Patrick. He’s been drooling after getting his medications because it tastes so bad to him. And, yesterday he even spit it up! It must be bothering his stomach or something. Luckily, the pharmacy did send us his usual fish flavored one so we’re probably just going to discard the cherry flavored. It’s a loss of money, but still, I don’t want Patrick sick to his tummy all month.

And then I had a bit of a medical situation yesterday. I was cleaning the cats’ fountains when I started to feel really light headed. Pain shot up my back and arms, and I almost fainted. I had to sit down for a few minutes on the floor in order to feel better. This happened a couple of times. Right afterward, I looked at my Fitbit and my heartrate was only 50. I think, personally, that I’m on too many medications (ADHD and others) that lower my heart rate and blood pressure.

I called my doctor’s office to get an appointment and talked to a nurse, who told me to eat and drink more. She thought I might be dehydrated, and I could have been. I drank two gatorades and some water and ate a lot and am feeling better today. But, it was very scary, and I didn’t get a chance to exercise yesterday. Today I’m going to do some light Yoga or go on a walk.

I’m going to call my Psychiatrist, who prescribes the blood pressure medication that I take for ADHD, and tell her about this. Maybe I can get on a lower dose or something.

Anyways, that’s enough for today. I have some phone calls and emails to make.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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