I’m Recovering From The Flu Shot Still, and Halloween

I had a really hard time sleeping on Halloween night and since. I’m not sure why. It could just be that the spiritual energy around me is really high, but I think that it likely also is related to all of the triggers that Halloween brings. Plus, some of my littles (child parts) were really afraid for a few nights because I watched some horror movies last week. They get scared really easily.

I got the flu shot on Tuesday (I think), and had a reaction to it. By Friday I also had a 100 some degree fever with body aches. I was pretty sick. So, I stayed home all weekend and rested. I’m considering exercising on the stationary bike for half an hour today, but am not sure if it’s a good idea or not. I don’t have a fever anymore, so am probably fine, but I still have the body aches. I think that I’m going to rest for one more day and run some errands.

I’m writing a horror novel/mystery right now. I’m trying to write 5 pages 5 times a week on it, or for about an hour a day. That’s about what I can manage. I don’t know if this book is good or bad. I have no idea. It’s kind of out there.

I’ve also been editing my children’s book and am going to send that back to the editor sometime this week. Then, I need to illustrate it. I haven’t drawn much for years, though, so I’m not sure how well that is going to work out. I used to be a wonderful drawer but stopped in high school. Hopefully I can get my skills back enough to illustrate my books.

My bite on my hand from Patrick, which happened when I was giving him some medications, is healing well. I’m on antibiotics, which is good. It’s not showing signs of infection and is less painful (it was also affecting my sleep). It’s also less swollen.

In other news, I’m currently into this game on my phone called SimCity Buildit. I keep winning or coming in second or third in tournaments and am now in the highest league. I figure that the reason why I’m doing so well at it is that I’m good at math and timing things (and organization). I also just bought Planet Zoo, which is a zoo simulator and comes out tomorrow. That should be fun to play!

I also got some clothes for my baby doll Rose today that I bought over Etsy. They’re very cute! I’m trying to decide if I want a Reborn or not. It seems like I already have plenty of fun with the doll that I have!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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