I’m Having A Hard Day With Triggers, Plus Patrick Accidentally Bit Me During Medication Time

Last night, when I was giving Patrick his medication, he accidentally bit me. It really was my fault though because I wasn’t being careful with where I positioned my hand. I was giving him an oral medication with a syringe that tastes terrible for him. We was flailing his head around and got my hand caught in it. Usually, I am fast enough to grab his forehead and chin and hold him in place to avoid this but last night I wasn’t for some reason.

The bite was really painful last night. I woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t fall back asleep because of it. Then, of course, I went online and read about all of the horrible things that can come from deep cat bites. This didn’t help.

But, I also realized that I was triggered by something else. A woman who was involved with (friends with) the ring of ritual abusers in AA contacted me. She’s a life coach now. I felt intuitively right away that she might have been hoping to scope me out for business. This was reallly triggering to me, as I felt taken advantage of. This was a few days ago and I’ve been triggered ever since.

Once I accepted this, though, I was able to get a couple of hours of extra sleep this morning. I’m going to the doctor in about an hour for the cat bite. Wish me luck!

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