More On The Cats

Lucy’s really gotten into cuddling at night lately. Last night, he was so cuddly that he actually laid on my stomach while I slept on my back, and when he wasn’t there he was spooning up against me. It was really cute, but it also meant that I didn’t sleep all that well.

We are dealing with getting one of Patrick’s medications refilled today. It was prescribed by the emergency vet a year and a half ago, and they want an appointment before it’s filled again. I called them and they are going to send it to our regular vet. There’s no reason why he needs to be going to appointments at a bunch of different vets.

The thing is though that he does. He has his regular vet here in town, and then his Oncologist and Internal Medicine specialist, who are about half an hour away. Then there’s the emergency vet here in town who we sometimes bring the cats to if needed, and the emergency speciallsty vet (same as where his Oncologist/Internal Medicine Docs are). This means that he has prescriptions from all over the place, as does Lucy. Refilling them can get complicated, so I’m trying to send as many to their primary vet as I can.

It is hard to see Patrick with cancer right now. He’s obviously a little weak. The other day, he was grooming himself and just fell of the chair that he was on somehow. I can definitely tell that he isn’t feeling great, but he’s plugging along anyways.

Despite having IBD and pancreatitis, Lucy is plugging along and full of energy. The main symptom that he has is vomiting. He seems to be doing okay despite it. I did notice too that yesterday he was licking at a catnip toy and it seemed to make his stomach upset, and then he vomited later at night. I wonder if there’s a connection there. I’m going to have to keep an eye on that.

We give the cats their medications morning and night. They each have about 6 or 7 each time, and then Patrick has a few more before bed. They are on Lysine too for feline herpes and get those treats before bed. I also monitor them throughout the day in terms of their health, and feed them about four times a day since neither has a huge appetite. It’s hard work to take care of sickly cats, but I think that it’s worth it!

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