Lucy’s Doing Better, Plus I Think That My Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Caught What It Was That Sent Me to the Hospital (A Poor Generic Form of Ritalin)

Lucy threw up all day on Sunday, but then at the end of the day used the litterbox (#2) and hasn’t thrown up since. We assumed that he must have been constipated. David brought him into the vet this morning and he no longer seems to be. The vet said to just continue his Miralax and Lactulose and keep an eye on him.

I saw my Psychiatric Nurse yesterday and told her that I don’t want to be on stimulants because Ritalin made me so anxious. She said that certain generic forms of Ritalin are known to be bad drugs, and to check which one I was on before I went to the hospital. Sure enough, I checked the old bottle this morning, and it is the generic manufacturer that she warned me about. Apparently, this manufacturer, Mallinckrodt (sp?), is considered a poor generic, and can make people on it anxious, irritable, and can cause things like insomnia. I went up to 15 mg of Ritalin on this generic about a week and a half before I went to the hospital. I also don’t know when I was changed to this brand generic. What I do know is that my doctor now thinks that it is what caused my mental health break.

I’m going to send her an email that in fact this was the brand generic that I was on, and she’s going to make a report to the FDA about it. Still, though, I’m afraid to take stimulants now after all of that. She wants me to go on one that is a timed 24 hour release, but we checked my insurance yesterday and it isn’t covered by my insurance. I might try Concerta, I don’t know though. I’m pretty nervous after what happened with Ritalin, but at least I know that this is a common reaction to that generic drug.

Other than dealing with me and the cats’ health issues, I’ve been doing a lot of things. I’m trying to make sure that as many of my parts get to do something that they want every day. This might be playing with dolls, writing, exercising, coloring/drawing, spending time with the cats, watching tv, and/or playing video games. Sometimes we play ukulele and/or sing too. It’s always nice to sing with David– he has a great voice like I do.

It can be overwhelming to try to fit everything into my schedule that the parts want to do, even if it is fun and relaxing things, particularly because I do always feel somewhat tired or sick due to CAEBV. It’s really difficult to have as serious of mental health problems along with physical ones that prevent me from fully dealing with the mental ones. Still, I do my best, and I seem to be getting better overall in terms of both my mental and physical health. I’m still definitely not well enough to work or anything like that.

In addition to all of this, my psychiatric nurse practioner has referred me to take part in some studies on people who have high IGM for both EBV and HHV6. It’s for the HHV6 foundation. Also, I might take part in a clinical trial for an antiviral for both HHV6 and EBV. She also told me yesterday that it’s rare to always have a high IGM like I do, even with CAEBV patients. But I do, which is why I’m going to sign up for some of these trials and experiments. It’s the least I can do to help myself and others like me.

We’re getting a new treadmill today with some money that my parents gave us. I’m really excited for it. I’m not sure if I’m going to go on it today or tomorrow though. I’ll want to go on it today, but I did 50 minutes on the bike yesterday, so I need a rest day today. All I’m going to do for exercise today is power Yoga I think.

Anyways, that’s enough out of me for today. Thanks for keeping up with my story!

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