Lucy Laid On My Stomach This Morning and More

I’m starting to do a lot better these days. I’m feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally. I think that it is because I’m on better medications for me, am seeing a DID expert, and also am not in unhealthy environments anymore like AA/around unhealthy people. For years I never thought that my life would get better again but it did! I just had to work hard and make some changes to get here.

I did sleep better last night than I did the two nights before. I went off Seroquel on Tuesday night so it’s been a bit of a rough week for me in terms of re-adjusting to sleep. I’m glad that I really only have had a couple of nights where I really struggled with sleep.

At about 6 am this morning or so, I woke up to Lucy wanting attention. I pet him for a couple of minutes, and then he made himself comfortable on my stomach. So I fell back asleep, and he must have laid on my stomach for at least an hour! It was very cute!

I was able to sleep this morning despite that. The issue that I keep having whenever I go down on Seroquel is that I’ll wake up really early in the morning and then have issues falling back asleep. That didn’t happen this morning, though; even when Lucy woke me up I was able to get back to sleep! I’m glad.

I’m continuing to work on some children’s books and a young adult novel. I have two children’s books written so far and the young adult novel is 125 pages or so. I did find an editor to work with me too, so that’s great!

One thing that bothers me about writing though is that if my books were to take off, I might be expected to do more than I can handle in terms of book signings and stuff like that. Even though I can work from home and write books for a couple of hours a time (no more than 10 hours a week), I definitely don’t have the stamina to do something like book signings, which is I guess a big way that authors can get promoted. So we’ll see what happens. Someone told me the other day that I could read my book to kids at a local school, which if it were an hour or two session I could probably make, as well as story time at the library. But I definitely can’t see myself doing more than an hour or two of something like that at a time. It worries me actually.

Anyways, that’s enough for me today. Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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