We Got New Furniture

The other day, David’s family gave us a new living room set. Our old one was down to two armchairs, which we’d been using exclusively for about 3 1/2 years. We did have a sofa, but David’s cat Marmalade peed on it to the point that where when Lucy was introduced to it he mistook it for a litter box and peed on it too. Thus, we haven’t had a usable sofa for a very long time. It’s really nice to have one now.

We also got a new dining room table from Fred Meyer that David is going to convert to a gaming/dining room table. He’s going to add a piece of wood underneath the table and then make it so it can open up to a board game area. He’s really into board games so it should work out well for us.

Last week, in fact, we played a choose your own adventure game, which is similar to the choose your own adventure books that I read as a kid. It was fun! We did die at the end though, but still won the overall storyline. Now I kind of want to read choose your own adventure books again… Maybe I will!

We did more cleaning and organizing over the weekend, too, and this has left me pretty tired today. I took an hour and a half long nap this morning, though, and should have the energy to exercise later on.

I think that part of DID for me is that it is exhausting. It’s exhausting to do enough activities to make sure that enough of the parts are happy so that I’m stable. I’m working on it though. It takes a lot of patience and persistence to do this, at least for me it does.

We ended up missing my counseling appointment on Saturday. Either we got the time wrong or the counselor did. We rescheduled to next Saturday. I was disappointed to miss my appointment! I’m still doing okay though.

I also finished a young adult book that I have yet to name last week. It’s 127 pages and very fairy tale-ish. It’s in rough draft form and I’ve emailed it to a couple of people to see what they think. This morning I told myself that today, instead of being overly busy with AA, I actually have time to write novels! It’s pretty great. Hopefully I can get published at some point!

Today I’m might work on a children’s novel that I’ve been thinking about writing for some time. Right now, though, Lucy’s sprawled out on my lap so I’m not in a comfortable typing position, so I’ll probably wait and right that book later. I love writing!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below.

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