A Quick Update on My Med Changes And, I Lost A Pound!

I’ve been going through medication changes on and off for about a couple of years now. It’s been really difficult for me, and I’ve had some hospitalizations due to it and the harshness of working through trauma.

I recently was put on Vraylar, which is a newer atypical antipsychotic. It seems to be working well for me. It’s used for mood control and also off label ADHD. Next week I’m also going to be starting on a low dose of Concerta, but I’m pretty nervous about this because it’s a stimulant.

Last week I went off Gabapentin and am down to 25 Seroquel, and will go off of that in a week. These are the two medications that have been causing me to gain weight. Now that I’m going down on them, though, I lost a pound! I’m pretty excited and hope that the weight gain is over.

I really hate having to be on medications and dealing with the side effects, but I know that I need them. Some of my parts are more against medications than others though.

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