The Blue Jays Are Back, Plus My Issues With Naltrexone

I started low-dose Naltrexone for chronic pain about a week ago. While it is definitely decreasing my chronic pain, it is causing me also to have nausea right after I take it (a lot of it) and fatigue. I’m hoping that I get used to these side effects because it does help my chronic pain so much. But, it’s been a bit of a struggle for me this week to function as well as usual due to these side effects.

Also, I’ve been having problems sleeping. There was a lot of noise in our neighborhood for a couple of mornings (people mowing lawns, etc) that made it hard for me to sleep. On one day, it sounded like it was in our yard even though I know that no one should have been there, so that was weird. It sounded like someone was working in our yard basically when no one should have been. We do have a yard service that comes every other week, but they had already been there this week before this particular morning. So I’m not sure where the noise was coming from (I think that this was yesterday morning), but it was loud.

It turns out too that the blue jays that have been in our yard on and off since May are back. I could hear them squawking loudly this morning. The ones in our yard are pretty aggressive, and when someone or an animal is near their tree they squawk. It actually does not sound pretty, and I certainly stay away from their tree when they are in it. I’m hoping to hear some prettier singing from them, but who knows if it will happen.

I’ve been sleeping and napping a lot this week because I’ve been so tired due to the new medication and a lack of sleep in the mornings. I seem to still be holding up my workout schedule okay. I’ve worked out twice so far this week, and even though I really would have liked to work out more, I’m trying not to be hard on myself. Also, in terms of my recent weight gain, I lowered the amount of calories that I have to eat on myfitnesspal. Hopefully, this will help me to curb my occassional overeating.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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