Musings of the Day

Right now I’m just sitting with Lucy on my lap, trying to figure out what to do for the day. I do know that I want to do Yoga, but don’t think that I’m ready for a class yet because I can only sustain attention for about 20 minutes or so, plus I’m not in great Yoga shape. So, I’ll probably do Yoga at home.

I also looked around to see if there are any farmer’s markets today. There is one in town tomorrow, but I have a couple of appointments before that and may not want to leave the house afterward. So we’ll see. It might be a good idea for me to get out of the house though and do something fun.

I think that today I’m also going to read, probably meditate, and play Tropico 6.

As you’re reading you’re probably wondering why I’m just planning my day. With autism it’s important for me to keep a schedule, so I’m at least trying to make one for myself. Schedules relieve tension and stress for me. But, lately I’ve had a hard time making consistent ones throughout the week because I’ve had so many appointments. And, when I have a health flare my routines go out the door. It’s really frustrating to have so many different health problems that sometimes work against each other.

I’m keeping my weight down by using the fitness tracker myfitnesspal. I also started using Map My Ride in order to keep track of my bike rides/stationary bike rides. Now that I’m thinking about stationary bikes, though, I want to go on mine….. but I know I need a day off from cardio today because I did it the last three days.

Yesterday evening David and I went on a half hour kick scooter ride. It was a lot of fun, and burned some calories. Then I did an abs workout and light weight workout. I’d like to do weight again today but I have to wait until at least tomorrow because I need a day in between to rest my muscles. It’s good to take a day off between muscle groups when you are lifting weights. I do this, except for with my abs, which I sometimes do a few days in a row. I’ve read that it is okay to do this with abs.

I wish that I could have a more concrete workout routine, but alas, there’s just too many appointments and unknowns in my life. Although the last few years have been hard, though, because of this, at least it has helped me become more flexible. Still, it’s frustrating to me not to have a more concrete routine in my life.

Well, that’s about all that I have to write for today. Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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