I Did Okay With Driving Today!

If you don’t already know from some of my earlier blogs, I have a fear of driving due to some car accidents I was in, and also due to some of my Dad’s crazy driving while I was a kid. My fear of driving got worse when I was trying to go to AA and having flashbacks while driving home. I eventually stopped going to AA because of this and other things (it was obviously unhealthy for me in many ways), but even so, my fear of driving remained.

It seems as though my frequent trips to doctors appointments really are helping me feel more confident in cars. Today I drove to a doctor’s appointment in town and to a few different stores in order to buy things for me, David, and the cats. I actually did quite well, surprisingly. I really didn’t know what to expect when I left the house, but I actually seemed to enjoy it somewhat.

My hope for driving is that eventually I will be able to drive myself to some of my appointments that are farther from my house than I am comfortable driving now. It looks like I may be able to get there, but I’m not sure, because part of it is an energy thing as well. We’ll see. I’m just glad that I did well with driving and being out of the house today.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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