My Current Workout Routine (Which I’m Doing Despite the Fear of a CAEBV Relapse)

I’ve been working on a workout routine for myself ever since I got home from the hospital. While I was at the hospital, I did Yoga and went on short (less than half hour) walks around the property. I tried to keep up this routine, especially to keep my weight down on antipsychotics, but in the first week that I got home I gained about four pounds. Now that I’m on a lower dose of antipsychotics, though, I seem to be keeping my weight under control. But, my weight gain in the last year has prompted me to start using myfitnesspal again (which I wrote about earlier today), and to start a dedicated workout routine.

I’ve started to workout on the stationary bike about two or three times a week, and then do some sort of walking on the weekends. So far, I’ve done pretty easy walks, and kept the resistance low on the bike. I also have been doing light Yoga. But I decided that in order to keep my weight down that I need to up the intensity of my workouts.

Last week, I tried to do a half hour Hatha burn yoga, and realized that I wasn’t ready for that though, so I am starting out with a 13 minute moderate type Hatha yoga workout twice a week that includes a lot of downward facing dogs, some lunges, and top of the push up poses. I also have decided to increase my time on the bike to 45 minutes twice a day and add in some weights and calisthenics that focus on my abs at the end. I did 33 minutes on the bike on Tuesday, and 45 minutes today. And then on the weekend I want to dedicate more time to hiking and to going on moderate trails rather than just flat walks. Hopefully, this will all help me to stay in shape and to keep my weight down. Also, I really love to exercise for longer amount of time; I tend to get what’s called a runner’s high at about 30 or 35 minutes usually.

I am nervous that this workout routine could be too much for me and that it could put me in a relapse in terms of my EBV symptoms, but I don’t think that it will. My symptoms have been going down in general lately. I think there are a lot of reasons for this, and one of them is that I’m sleeping well in general. Another is the exercise, and then the fact that I’m reading a lot. I also think that just having fun is helping me too, and the cats of course as well, along with all of the supplements that I take and therapeutic teas that I drink.

I’m glad that life is becoming fun again, and for me exercise is a big part of that. I’m looking forward to going hiking this weekend and will write a blog post about it. Also, I will probably start sharing images of the hikes that we go on. Here are some from Lime Kiln on Monday:

I love these hikes that have the little mini cascading and mossy waterfalls in them that are so common in the Pacific Northwest! This really was a nice hike.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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