Naps Are An Important Part of My Self Care

I’ve noticed over the past few years especially that I don’t always know how tired I really am. I don’t know if this is because I’m used to a certain level of fatigue or what. One thing I do though in concerns to my fatigue is take naps during the day. But, for a long time I was unable to actually fall asleep during the day due to anxiety, which threw me off quite a bit.

I ended up taking a long nap today because of the cats behavior last night. Lately we’ve been kicking the cats out of the bedroom at night because they wake me up throughout the night. Last night, though, Lucy came and laid around my head and I didn’t have the heart to kick anyone out. Patrick, though, was actually extremely upset about this because he wanted to lay around my head. So instead of just laying with Lucy he slept in his own bed, and then in the morning he hid under the bed where he knew that we couldn’t pick him up and whined for an hour to show his unhappiness over the fact that Lucy got the prime spot in the bed. Eventually David was able to put him outside the room, but it definitely disrupted my sleep… but not as much as Perdi did.

Perdi, our female cat, must have woken me up 5 or 6 times last night wanting attention. The way that she does this is to come and sit on me and knead on my stomach with some claws out. It’s not very comfortable for me. The other issue, too, is that this is not a good way to get attention from me. All that happens is that I pick her up and put her on the ground next to my bed. And I usually feel bad because that is her primary way of trying to get attention (trying to get it by kneading in the middle of the night). This morning, though, she did come and sit on my lap for a couple of minutes when I first woke up, so that’s good.

Anyways, even with all the commotion my Fitbit said that I slept for over 8 hours, but didn’t get any deep sleep. So, I took a two hour nap this morning. It felt pretty good. Hopefully it doesn’t mess up my sleep cycle. I doubt that it will because with my level of fatigue taking a nap that long usually doesn’t.

Right now both Patrick and Lucy are on my lap. Patrick jumped up first, followed by Lucy. Patrick wasn’t exactly happy at first that Lucy wants to sit with him and me but he seems happier about it now.

Overall, we’re still a pretty happy family. I’m so glad to have these little angels in my life, even if they’re not always that angelic.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

Patrick and Lucy sitting on my lap right now
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