I’ve Been Very Busy With Appointments! And, It Does Seem Like My New Providers Will Be Able to Help Me

We’ve had a long week and a half or so with driving to many different types of doctors appointments. Since I came home from the hospital, I’ve seen my Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, my regular doctor, a doctor at a pain management clinic, a new counselor (this past Saturday), and today I saw another Psychiatrist that works with my Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. First off, if I didn’t talk about it already, I’m going to be going on Low-Dose Naltrexone for pain management. I’m looking forward to taking this as I took it in the past and it helped with both chronic pain and my symptoms of PTSD. Secondly, I’m going to be changing antipsychotics to Vrylar, which is a fairly new antipsychotic that has some agonist properties. The psychiatrist that I saw today thinks that it should be a good fit for me, particularly because Abilify is as well (it has some agonist properties too). Plus, it tend to work well for people with ADHD as well as bipolar disorder, and this doctor thinks I have both. It will take awhile though to transition to Vrylar. I am not looking forward to any withdrawals that I end up going through during this medication change.

I also feel like I lucked out with my new counselor. He is skilled in DID management and seems like a good fit for me based off of our first visit. The issue is though is that his office is half an hour away from mine. I am not looking forward to the drive there and back especially if there is traffic. I’m going to be having appointments on Saturday so that David can drive me, and they might be an hour and a half sessions.

Overall, then, things are looking pretty good for me, even though I am rightfully fearful of medication changes. David, though, is going to be on the lookout for increased symptoms, etc. Then, after I am stabilized on medications for bipolar disorder, my providers are going to help me to stabilize on ADHD medications.

I hope that Vrylar is as effective for me as Abilify is. I think that it will be as I have taken it before, but just not for very long. Please keep me in your thoughts as I go through this medication change.

The cats are doing well overall. Patrick and Lucy turned 14 yesterday and continue to just deal with their own life stressors very admirably. Patrick, in fact, hasn’t even been needing his appetite stimulant as often, so he is doing better. And Lucy just continues to plug away despite his Irritable Bowel Disease. He’s usually full of energy. In addition, both cats bonded to David while I was in the hospital, which is nice for me because they don’t fight over my lap as much, as they have another person they feel comfortable getting attention from. It’s nice, and very adorable. Tempest and Lucy also have been sitting together quite a bit on David’s lap.

It’s getting easier for me to relax despite the stress in my life as well. I’m finding that I do better overall if I exercise every day even though I have CAEBV. I’m pretty sure that it gets extra energy out and helps me to sleep (aerobic exercise anyways; yoga is hit or miss). So I’ve been trying to exercise as often as I can.

A lot of questions do run through my mind quite often as to what direction my life is going to go from here. The truth is that I don’t know. Currently, I’m just trying to stabilize in terms of my health conditions and work through trauma. Eventually, I’d like to start playing Ukulele and singing again once I get the energy to really keep it up. For right now, though, I’m mostly just trying to get by with what I am doing, which includes exercise, appointments, some workbooks and self-help books, and taking care of the cats/spending time with David and the cats (spending time with family). Maybe I’ll be able to add music to the mix eventually. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading today everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Feel free to comment below.

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