My Appointment at a Pain Management Clinic Yesterday

I went to a pain management clinic yesterday that my Psychiatric Nurse referred me to. She wants me to try low-dose Naltrexone (LDN) for my chronic pain symptoms. I’ve actually been on it before and it did help me to feel better and helped my nightmares at night too (PTSD), but I went off of it because my insurance stopped covering it. That was years ago, though, and I’m pretty sure that my insurance covers it now. If not, it’s not that expensive so I can pay for it out of pocket.

We got to our appointment really early because of miscommunication with the receptionist, so we went shopping in shops in the area for a little while before the appointment. The appointment itself went pretty well. The doctor is going to start me on LDN next week after a follow-up appointment. He also is considering doing Lidocaine injections or nasal drips with me if LDN does not help me migraines. The nasal drip procedure though I guess is pretty uncomfortable, but I’m also guessing would be worth it if it stops my migraines for a month.

The doctor was skeptical about TMS, which is a therapy that my Psychiatric Nurse wants me to try. He told me that the researchers who studied it did not do very good research in terms of it’s effectiveness. Because of his opinion, I’m going to do some research on TMS before I even consider doing it and scope out the scientific articles that researchers and doctors claim show it’s effectiveness.

We went out to Indian Buffet after the appointment, which was great, but, I weighed myself this morning and found out that I have gained three pounds in the past week due to over-eating and antipsychotics. So I’m going to have to slow down going out to eat or eat less at other times. Because we’ve had appointments out of town about 3 or 4 times so far this week, we’ve been eating out a lot, and everyone knows that this can cause quick weight gain. Maybe I’ll bring lunches or something from now on, or try not to schedule the appointments around lunch or dinner time. We’ll see. I know that my next two appointments do not line up with lunch or dinner so we should be okay in terms of getting home in time to eat here.

Oh, and I did sleep just fine last night. No panic attacks.

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