I’m Going To Be Seeing An Infectious Disease Doctor!

I finally saw an internal medicine doctor here at the hospital. He ran blood tests and of course EB (Epstein Barr) shows as active and re-activated (it has since January). He said that he was very perplexed, though, because the rest of my blood results are fine, and I don’t seem as sick as someone with mono and/or CAEBV should be. So, now he’s questioning if I have CAEBV or CEBV and is doing more blood work and sending me to an infectious disease doctor in about a month. I’m glad about this but unhappy that it took so long for me to be referred to a specialist. I am going home from the hospital today after some lab tests that will be interpreted by the outpatient infectious disease doctor. Finding a specialist for this condition is one of the things that I hoped to accomplish by this hospital visit so it looks like this did work out in the end, and my mental health is more stable as well. It was quite the ride to get here, though, and quite frustrating. I only hope that my regular doctors/psychiatrists can manage my conditions from here on out on an outpatient basis.

Thanks for following my story everyone! Feel free to comment below.

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