It’s Just a Continuing Struggle at this Behavioral Health Unit

The psychiatrists that I am seeing at this facility are encouraging me to go to group classes and to socialize with everyone, etc. I’ve told them, though, that because of my health conditions that I need to rest more than they are allowing me, but they just don’t seem to listen. This all accumulated last night when I ended up getting one of the worst migraines that I have had in years.

I don’t remember the exact time it started, but I do know that I didn’t end up getting tylenol or anything for it until about 11 pm at night (the nurses were very busy). I tried to talk to them about the migraine and chronic pain, though, by 8 pm and was even in tears due to the pain at about 8:45. Still, I had to sit in pain and nausea for hours until I finally got some help from it, even though I was given my medications at about 9 pm. It was pretty terrible and it was frightening too to be in that much pain for so long and to not have any treatment for it.

It took me awhile to fall asleep, of course, because the pain was too high for me to sleep through. Eventually I did, though, but still had to wake up by 8 am in order to have breakfast. After that I went back to bed.

The most frustrating part about all of this is that after I talked to my doctor about this issue and my chronic pain and fatigue she actually told me that she wants me out of bed more (in other words, not napping during the day). I told her that this is something that I need to do for my health, and she did not listen at all. She just repeated herself and then walked out the door. At this point, this doctor (psychiatrist) is approaching malpractice when it comes to her refusal to listen to me and my concerns. When I fill out my survey about my care after I leave here, I am going to specifically state that I wonder if there is some malpractice going on here, especially in terms of this doctor refusing to acknowledge my physical health conditions and history (especially with kidney disease and my history of hyponatremia). And, I really hope that she isn’t using my physical disabilities as a reason to keep me here longer because maybe she thinks that my symptoms are psychosomatic or something like that. I know that term has been thrown around before from doctors who don’t understand or accept chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and Chronic Active Epstein Barr Virus. Really, this doctor just pisses me off. I just have to tell myself that I’m not going to be here forever.

Thanks for reading today! Feel free to comment below.

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