More Drama With One of The Doctors

EDIT: I made a big deal about this (in an assertive, not combative way) to my nurse and a counselor and this doctor is taking me off Depakote tonight and changing me to Abilify from Seroquel. I’m glad that I was able to get through to her even though it was quite annoying and caused me some anxiety. However, she’s taking me down on it way faster than the previous doctor, and doing this can cause seizures. At this point I’ll be calling my Dad or my sister about this one (they are both pharmacists) and asking him to talk to someone here. In terms of the rest of my day today, there is a therapy dog coming in soon so that should help my day to turn around. I’m really looking forward to it. Here is my post from earlier this morning:

I’m back to having to deal with my original doctor, who was the one who put me on the medications that I knew would cause serious side effects for me such as low sodium and kidney issues. Her 7 day shift started yesterday. What I’m noticing is that she literally spends like, two minutes with each patient and asks everyone the same questions. Then, when she asks if you have any questions, she’ll answer one or two of your questions and then walk away before you (I) am even 1/4 of the way done talking about all of your/my concerns. What I end up having to do when she’s my doctor is take all my concerns to the nurses, who send her messages for me, but tell me to write down my concerns and share them with her. And I do write down my concerns and questions, but she literally walks out the door before I can get to them or through all of them! The one time that she did listen to all of my concerns for the day (which included the ones about kidney issues/hyponatremia) she didn’t even reply in a useful way and again just walked out the door. I think that might have been the time that she just smiled and threw an AA phrase at me, as if an AA phrase might help with low sodium? I was like, “Um?”…… WTH.

Today I asked her what the plan is concerning my medications, and she told me that she wants to wait and see if I tolerate them. I was like (to myself), “Wait and see? I already don’t tolerate them! WTH?” So I ended up going and complaining to a counselor and my nurse that I already was having serious side effects and reactions and that we don’t need to wait and see if I tolerate them, and that the sodium side effect has been life threatening to me in the past. Also, the previous doctor’s plan was to take me off of these medications, yet this other one didn’t seem to be on the ball about my care at all! Hopefully she gets on board.

GRRRR. It burns me that in the field of medicine that patients are told to tolerate medications that really mess them up just because it is the standard medication, rather than simply finding a different medication, therapy, procedure, etc. Too often patients such as myself (and you see it in the elderly a lot too) are given one medication to counteract the side effects of the other. I, for example, have been given Topomax to counteract the weight gain of some of my other medications, but it affects my kidneys. So this opens up a whole new basket of worms and issues for me even if it keeps my weight and blood pressure down (my blood pressure tends to get off when I weigh more). Luckily, I’ve already been taken off Topomax this time, but it’s frustrating that doctors keep trying a similar drug cocktail over time (a few drugs within the same classes of medications) and are hoping that somehow I will tolerate this mixture THIS TIME! And then I think to myself: “Gee. They think that I’M the delusional one!” And then of course I end up having the same unpleasant side effects, reactions, etc, because even if doctors are switching medications they are switching to similar medications….. it’s like a Merry-Go-Round that never ends.

Anyways, I have to go to a group class now. Thanks for listening to me for awhile! Feel free to comment below.

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