An Update On My Medications and Health

I talked to the doctor and an intern about my current lab work and the high TSH result from a few weeks ago. I am going to stop taking Topomax tonight and we are dropping the dose of Depakote right away. In addition, the doctor is going to run thyroid labs overnight. I expressed my frustration over being put on these medications (a different doctor did it even though I told her about my medical history) despite my issues with kidney disease and history of hyponatremia and she told me that it is common practice to put patients on either Depakote or Lithium and she too would have done the same with me. This was kind of shocking to me actually, that hospital/inpatient doctors do this one size fits all sort of practice to the extent that they put kidney patients onto drugs like lithium, which is what the original doctor was considering with me if Depakote didn’t work out. Luckily, my current doctor ruled out Lithium right away, which I am really glad about. One of my cousins actually had kidney failure when he was in his 20s or 30s (Sorry Dan, I don’t remember the exact age it happened). He did have a kidney transplant and is okay now, but I don’t want that to happen to me. So it’s kind of distressing to me that doctors are playing around with my health like this.

In terms of why nothing was done about my thyroid, the issue again is sort of a standard practice sort of thing. Even though my TSH was out of the normal range, my T4, which is another marker of thyroid function, was in the normal range at 1. The doctor explained to me that because of this, nothing was done about the high TSH level (and it sounds like the abnormal test result may not have even been passed on/emphasized to the facility that I am at). But again, for some patients such as myself, we will have symptoms when our TSH is outside of normal range even if our T3 or T4 hormones are in normal range. This is why I usually see specialists like endocronologists or naturopaths to prescribe my thyroid medications, because they are more likely to adjust thyroid medications according to symptoms and TSH ranges.

The doctor did not give me a clear care plan though about which medications she wants me to be on in the long run. I think that right now she wants to play it day by day, which for me is just so stressful. I’m glad, though, that I pushed for these labs as early as I did with the doctor because I knew that something like this was likely to happen. Hopefully, with the help of the doctors here, I can work to reverse this kidney damage like I did the first time I was on a harmful medication cocktail, and work to keep my stress down and blood pressure under control too. It’s a big job, but I can do it.

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