As Far As I Know, The Hospital Still Hasn’t Contacted (Or Attempted To Contact) Any Of My Previous Counselors. I’ve Been Here For Two Weeks.

Well, my hypertension is down, but now my blood pressure is too low! Blah. Hopefully it doesn’t take forever for the doctors and nurses to figure this out, but because they’ve only contacted one of my outside providers so far (that I know of, including counselors), it might take them awhile to figure out what’s going on with me and treat me appropriately. I’m kind of baffled though that they have made assumptions about my trauma history without talking to any of my previous counselors (I’ve gone to a lot of them, and some of them for years at a time). This really makes me wonder about the quality of care at this hospital and others like it. I’ve been here for almost two weeks. I am not sure, though, if I have signed ROIs for them, or if I’ve even been offered it. They do have this big thing around here that the patient has to be independent and assert themselves in terms of their medical care… but, to me it just seems like the staff wants the patients to do their work for them, and the result is what I’m talking about here. So I think that after I put up this blog post that I’m going to go see who I signed ROIs for (release of information). I know that the staff asked for my current providers, but I do not have a current counselor who can verify my story. I do have plenty of previous counselors who can. I can’t believe, though, that I have to do so much work just to help the staff here do their jobs when it comes to helping me. It’s totally exhausting.

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