I Am Safer Than I Recognize

So, in the boredom of my hospital stay, I figured something out. Ever since I started talking about my lifetime of trauma in 2015, I have been more afraid of my safety than ever and have felt just more uncomfortable than I can imagine. I’ve been able to recognize that at least part of this if from victim blaming and scapegoating from both victims and abusers and every day people as well. These types of dynamics make me feel like I am not safe because I’m talking about and dealing with my trauma, but the truth is that I am 100 times safer now than when I was in abusive situations however many years ago. This is why communication and choosing the right counselor for me is so important, because I want to be able to feel safe with the people around me, and to feel heard. Having the right people in my life is so important to me right now!

2 thoughts on “I Am Safer Than I Recognize

  1. I hear you. In one of my weakest states, I was escorted out of the office with the doctor telling me that I can just up my meds every week on my own. WTH! The more we speak about our realities, the more educated people will become. Keep getting it out there, you ARE making a difference. Thank you.

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