Everyone Here Thinks That I’m Faking My Disabilities And Trauma History…..

A lot of people are worried about me. Let me tell you what’s going on. A lot of the time people with Dissociative Identity Disorder are treated really poorly. We are accussed of playing games, or of “faking” our disorders. We are told that our trauma history can’t possiby be true. We are told that we are “too sensitive”, to “move on”, that we are “over-reacting”. This happens not just with friends and family, but also with medical professionals as well. These things are currently happening to me at the hospital that I’m at right now. Doctors are telling me that I am delusional and that my trauma history is not real, and that I am playing games, and a nurse even told me that I didn’t have a panic attack, that I purposefully faked it. This is the reality of having Dissociative Identity Disorder, CPTSD, and all of the symptoms and complications of it. I’m going to call and get some support from an ADA organization here in Washington State regarding the situation that I’m in. I’ll keep everyone posted. Thanks for everyone’s support!

6 thoughts on “Everyone Here Thinks That I’m Faking My Disabilities And Trauma History…..

  1. This sounds like a cult hospital. No professional should be denying your trauma. Can you get out of there and go somewhere safe? There are cult people in hospitals who can program you and your parts so you need to be careful. I am glad you can critically think your way through this, it sounds like you are being abused all over again! Worried about you.


    1. Yes, it does feel that way. And, the doctor even tried to get me to get in contact with my abusive family in order to substantiate my claims of abuse, which anyone knows that abusers will never do.


      1. Too suss. Be careful hon, you are definitely not making this up. Get the hell out of there as soon as you can x


  2. Yes, I know. I need to try to be on best behaviors but I keep freaking out because I am withdrawing from meds and they are using trigger words. It’s weird.


  3. I’m in the PNW, if you want me to ask around for referrals, let me know.

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    1. Sure! I need someone who is versed in DID and autism/ADHD!


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