It Looks Like This Is Going to Be a Long Stay For Me… WHILE MY CAT IS DYING OF CANCER

So, it looks like I’m going to be staying at the hospital for a long time because people here don’t believe that my trauma within AA could have possibly occurred and are petitioning for more holds. They are acting like it’s a “delusion” and slapped the diagnosis of bipolar disorder back onto me. And, this means that I don’t get to be around Patrick while he is dying of cancer, simply because not only can people not seem to believe that this stuff happened within AA (even medical professionals), but also seem to think that it will be helpful to retraumatize me with phrases from AA (or just retraumatize me in general)…. no matter how many times I complain about it and say that this is a trigger. How I am going to survive emotionally in a place like this, and how is this supposed to improve my mental health? Duh… it’s not! But, the doctors and male staff members are all acting like it is my fault and my fault alone that I am struggling in this facility. What a crock of shit! AA has ruined the world more than anyone recognizes, and my family and David and his family along with all those abusive AAers have ruined mine.

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