I’m at the Hospital 7/23/2019

I am at a hospital in my area for my mental health issues, and am getting my physical health issues examined as well. It has been difficult, though, for me to work with the doctors and nurses here because I was dissociating very severely when I came in, to the point of psychosis. Of course, my initial doctor kept focusing on the issue as “bipolar disorder”, even though I was switching in and out of child parts right in front of everyone and was obviously terrified to be at a hospital. So, I finally just asserted myself and said that I want a different doctor, and I got one. Now it looks like I’m actually going to be seen by an infectious disease doctor, and my thrush infection is almost gone as well. So that’s great!

I feel mixed concerning the mental health treatment. Part of the issue, though, with this is that, as I said, I was too dissociated to really tell the staff and doctors my history, and I got a doctor who pushes medication management and bipolar diagnoses. And, this type of doctor is actually quite common. What I did for myself, though, was call an outside agency about my care at this hospital, who gave me the numbers for the social workers here and patient advocates. Now it seems like I’m getting the help that I need, but only after a week and a half struggle with certain staff members. Still, it doesn’t seem like the staff is very knowleadgable when it comes to PTSD and trauma within AA/cults/human trafficking/ritual abuse/developmental disabilities, which means that this hospital visit may not help at all. Who knows.

2 thoughts on “I’m at the Hospital 7/23/2019

  1. Stay safe within the institution, i hope you can find good support


  2. Keep writing! Sending love.

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