The Purpose of AA is Not to Help People Get Sober. It is to Control It’s Members. And, because AA is so big, this affects the entire world.

I was trained by AA to tell my story over and over again, and even two years after I leave, I just can’t stop doing it, no matter how hard I try. This apparently is one of the long-term after-effects for me after being in the cult of AA, along with everything else that is driving my behavior right now. One way people in there are controlled, too, is by discouraging members from reporting and talking about sexual assault by other AA members and with a victim-blaming culture that you cannot imagine. And, this habit of The thing is that in AA they tell you that to drink is to die, and that if you leave AA it will result in death, institutions, or jail, and that in order to be happy, sober, and not face terrible consequences that you should follow the “suggestions” in AA. But, these aren’t really suggestions if you are told that you are going to die if you don’t do them. And, it is stressed to listen for the similarities, not the differences and things like that to the point of where practically any normal or social drinker could be convinced that he or she was an alcoholic and have to follow these suggestions or die. This talk of how the only choice an alcoholic has is to follow AA and find God or die is mentioned all over the Big Book. That is how they pull people into their cult. It has nothing to do with alcoholism. AA centers around controlling it’s members. Then you wonder why AA is so unsafe.

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