Some Recent Examples of Animal Communication with Patrick and Lucy (Plus a Discussion on The Future of Our World)

I’m still working on animal communication (telepathy) with the cats. Tempest and Perdi are not too forthcoming with this, but Patrick and Lucy do try it. Patrick, too, is just vocal in general and talks to me through whines and chortles. In addition to learning telepathy, then, I’m trying to learn to hear what he’s trying to say when he verbally talks to me. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I do not. He can get quite upset, though, if I do not understand what he is trying to say.

What I’m learning about animal communication is that animals do not always communicate what they actually mean very well, even if it’s through telepathy. An example of this came up the other night with Patrick. A few nights ago, Patrick started talking to me about how he was mad at David because he didn’t like the way David had given him his medications that morning. He said that he was rough when giving medication, which is surprising because David’s always gentle with the cats. So, I called David into the room to figure out what happened. I asked David if anything had gone wrong with Patrick’s morning medication, and he said that it seemed to go fine to him. I asked Patrick, then, what he meant by that. He said that he had an issue with his first medication and that David was rough with it. I told David this, and he said that he did accidentally add more water to that medication, which is a mixture of powder and water (Miralax). The cats never like it when we accidentally add too much water because it means more squirts from the syringe for them, and I can see how Patrick might feel that David was rough if he had to try to keep Patrick calm for longer than usual during the administration of this medication. But I kind of doubt that David was “rough” in the way that we might think about it. In Patrick’s mind, though, having his head held for longer than usual, which is what we have to do to get him to stay steady, might have come across as such. And apparently, even though Patrick was having trouble communicating exactly why he was upset, he had been angry about this all day.

Yesterday I was feeling kind of depressed about life, which is a mood that I switch in and out of sometimes. Sometimes I feel bad about my life because of the severity of my disabilities, which I think is pretty typical given my situation. When I was feeling this way yesterday, though, Lucy came up and sat with me. He then looked right at me and said, “I knew that you needed me”. It was very adorable, and it shows how caring, intuitive, and empathic cats really are.

The other day I wrote about how I want to research whether people really are the superior species. But, I haven’t had the time or energy to do this yet this week. I’ve been worn out from my drive without GPS on Tuesday. What I can say to this question, though, is that the instance that I had with Lucy yesterday definitely shows that cats are at least just as caring and intuitive as humans, if not more so. And, Patrick’s example shows that cats definitely feel emotions. But, there are people who don’t agree with that, and research that shows otherwise. Even so, research always contains some amount of bias, meaning that if the experimenter or researcher believes that animals do not feel emotions, likely they will, either consciously or unconsciously, design an experiment that’s methodology will likely show just that. People see what they want to see, and this applies to even the best scientific researcher.

Those of us who love animals and the environment, though, know that no one species on this earth is superior to another. Each species brings it’s own unique strength when it comes to keeping life on earth in balance. We rely on animals likely more than we know. For this reason, I get very concerned when I hear about all of the endangered species and extinctions that are happening today. The truth is that even an animal (or insect, plant, etc.) who we think right now, even scientifically, does not have a huge impact on our survival absolutely could. This means that when it comes to the destruction of our earth and it creatures (plants included), we could be in more trouble than we know. There is much to discover about life on earth and how we fit into the circle of life. I just hope that we discover what we need to in order for all life forms on this earth to continue to survive for some time, including human beings.

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