Lucy is Still Cancer Free!

We had a scare with Lucy over the last couple of days. He’s been vomiting a lot, so we took him into his vet on Tuesday to have some tests run. They found through an ultrasound that he has inflammation in his liver and lymph nodes, and were worried that his cancer has returned.

The vet called us last night to let us know that the biopsies that she took of the area do not show that he has cancer again. She found a lot of inflammatory cells, which indicates that he is having a flare of his irritable bowel disease, which is similar to Chrone’s Disease in humans. This makes sense because he has been vomiting so much.

While I’m glad that Lucy is still cancer free, I am still worried about him. It can’t be any fun to get flares that impact you this much. We’re going to continue to keep an eye on him to make sure that he is doing okay.

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