What to Expect This Week on This Blog

The other day I was thinking about whether or not cats are superior to human beings. I know that many people believe that humans are the superior species; that we are on the top of the food chain. But, I have been around animals most of my life, and wonder if this actually is true. I also wonder if this idea, which is promoted in science, really arises out of science or if it arises out of Monotheistic religions, such as Christianity, which impact our current thinking and thus might bias even scientific findings and theory regarding this issue.

Before I write a blog post, though, about this issue I’m going to do some research. This means that I am not sure if I’ll be keeping up my normal blogging routine this week or not. I do have a few things to do this week, including meeting with a new Naturopath today who’s office is about half an hour away from our house. While I’m in that area I might do some shopping, as it is in a city compared to the town that we live in. And on Thursday I want to check out another local farmer’s market.

My longer blog posts are usually about AA. Whether I post one of those this week really just depends on how I feel. I know that I have dedicated followers who also have left AA and love reading these posts. But, as I said, I’m likely going to change things up this week so that I can research a different topic that really interests me.

I really love animals, and sometimes I think about devoting a different blog to this subject. But for now I’m just going to keep all of my writing within this blog. Thanks for bearing with me as I write about different subjects.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a heads up to those readers in particular who have grown used to my posts about AA. There will be more of these in the future, but this week I may take a break from it. We’ll see.

Thanks again for reading my blog!

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