The Scare That We Had Last Night With the Tuxedo Cat

We are still leaving a trap out to catch the Tuxedo Cat that keeps coming to our house at least once a week. We haven’t caught anything in the trap, though, for almost a week. Even so, we are going to continue to put it out in the hopes of reuniting the cat with it’s owner who contacted me through Nextdoor Neighbor.

My original plan was to catch the cat in the trap, then transfer it into a cat carrier, and then put it in our spare bedroom. But, last night the cat showed me that this might not be the best plan for it.

A neighbor on Nextdoor told me that this cat is very aggressive with her cats. I hadn’t seen this for myself except for the fact that one time when it visited it seemed to rile Patrick up quite a bit one morning, resulting in him howling, hissing, growling, and basically screaming in a way that I hadn’t seen him do for years. Still, the cat didn’t show signs of serious aggression at that point, although it must have shown some aggression towards Patrick to make him act that way. I have noticed that about half the time that he’s visits that Patrick and Lucy become very upset.

Tempest and Perdi don’t seem to either mind as much or are not as protective of the home as Patrick and Lucy are. This makes total sense, actually, because I trained Patrick and Lucy to be guard cats at an early age because of my trauma history. And, it’s a good thing that I did because they helped me survive through some pretty horrific circumstances by threatening and even attacking abusive people from AA who otherwise might have seriously hurt or even killed me.

If you’ve ever watched a Youtube or seen a video about trained attack cats, that’s basically what my cats do. I trained them basically just by talking to them and letting them know the dangers that are out there and what I have been through. I also just trained my cats in general in a lot of different ways in order to train them to listen to me and also to be protective of me when need be. But, I do think that guarding and protecting themselves, me, and the house is just part of their natural characters. Both cats seem to just be naturally protective.

I have worried though that in their older age they may not be able to protect me or themselves as much if we found ourselves in a dangerous situation again. This worries me because there is always that chance that an abuser could show up at our house and try to attack myself or them. But, last night Lucy showed that he can still keep up his own.

At about 11:30 last night, I was taking my medications when I heard a very loud sound coming from our sliding glass door. It was so loud that it really scared me. I went to see what was happening and found Lucy and the tuxedo cat pounding at the glass at each other very aggressively. They were pounding on it so hard that I was very afraid that they were going to break the glass and that a fight could ensue in our house. Lucy was definitely in the not only protect himself mode but protect the house as well. When I opened the curtain, though, and looked straight at the cat it ran away for a few minutes, but then came back at least once or twice. At that point, Perdi had come to see what was happening too. So, I just took them away from the window so that the cat couldn’t instigate fights with them anymore.

The whole thing startled me. I hadn’t seen Lucy in an all out fight like that for years. Although it was scary though, at the same time it told me that Lucy can still defend himself and others. This actually made me feel safer in general.

I’m unsure now what to do if we catch this cat. It seemed so aggressive last night that I worried that it might have rabies. If that’s the case, then I don’t want me or our cats near it. David thinks that instead of rabies that the cat is likely an intact male (is not neutered) because intact males tend to be more aggressive and more prone to attacking other male cats, and they are very territorial. After hearing this, part of me wondering if the cat may be hanging around not just to do this but also because of our female cat Perdi. She is spayed though, but I still wonder if this cat has picked up on her scent or something.

I still hope that we catch this cat, and when we do I’ll probably leave it in the trap until the owner comes to pick it up. Even if the cat isn’t sick in any way, we don’t need a cat like than in our house even if it is sequestered from the other cats. That would just cause a lot of cross-aggression and anxiety with our cats and could likely result in things like bladder infections or peeing outside the litter box, which are issues that our cats have when they are stressed. Luckily, there has been no peeing so far despite the taunting of this cat and others particularly towards Patrick and Lucy.

I feel today though that I am still reeling a bit from witnessing Lucy’s fight with this cat. It did bring up some memories that I’d care not to remember. I had problems sleeping last night. Hopefully I can still enjoy my day today.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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