We Haven’t Caught The Tuxedo Cat Yet

As some of you know, there is a stray or lost black and white tuxedo cat that has been making it’s rounds in our neighborhood. It showed up at our house a couple of weeks ago, which I found out due to my cat Patrick’s screaming, growling, and howling when it arrived. I talked to some of our neighbor’s about this cat and it turns out that neighbors on both sides of the nearby 60 mph highway have been feeding it, meaning that it’s crossing this busy highway in order to get food.

When I heard about the danger that this cat is in, I decided to borrow a neighbor’s trap to try to catch it in our yard. We put the trap out last Tuesday but so far have not caught this cat.

We have, though, caught two possums and the neighborhood cat, who belongs to a neighbor. Over the weekend, we caught a possum overnight. The sad thing was, though, that it was raining and was soaked, as this trap does not have a cover. The possum seemed fine, though, and happily scurried out of the trap once my boyfriend David opened the door. This was not a surprising even as our neighbor’s have caught possums as well when trying to capture a lost or stray cat that is on their property.

But, after catching the possum, we forgot to set up the trap that night. Coincidentally, the tuxedo cat paid us a visit at about 11 pm or so. We hoped to be able to bring food out to it and lure it into a cat carrier, but as soon as it even saw us through the window on the sliding glass door it was gone. So, we went outside and set up the trap in the hopes that the cat was still in the area and would come back for food. But, to our dismay, it did not.

We kept the trap baited and ready anyways, which we now know to do every night. On Monday morning, we actually caught the neighbor’s cat. This cat is a small tabby who looks a bit like our cat Lucy. He/she is a very friendly cat and loves to get pets from us when we’re outside, and also loves to sit in our flower beds. So, when I heard that this cat had been caught in our trap, I felt pretty bad but again was not surprised. I didn’t see the cat myself in the trap as David found it before I woke up. He told me that the cat only looked like it had been in the trap for a short time, and that the cat was just sitting patiently to get out. This makes you wonder if this cat hasn’t been caught in other neighbor’s traps, as trapping is something that we commonly due in our neighborhood due to the frequency of lost and feral cats in our area.

Monday night we put the trap back together with food, hoping again to catch the right cat. Last night, though, another possum made it’s way into the trap (or possibly the same one as before). When David opened the trap this morning the possum actually did not want to leave it. So, he left it open in the hopes that the possum would let itself out. It did a couple of hours later.

My concern now is that the animals that we’ve caught so far will figure out what we’re doing and take advantage of the trap, which has food in it. If this happens, and they make it a habit of eating food in the trap, it might be next to impossible to catch the tabby. If this is the case I might help one of the neighbors that feeds the tuxedo cat to set up a trap themselves.

The good news in this whole situation is that a neighbor did contact me through Next Door and let me know that he believes the Tuxedo cat to be his. I hope that this is the case, and that we or one of the people involved will be successful in reuniting this cat with his or her owner.

In our area, too, there is at least one feral cat colony nearby. I don’t know if there are any volunteers who are doing spay/neuter programs with that colony. If they are, I think that it would be rewarding to get involved once my health improves. Working with animals is right up my alley.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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