The Joys That I’m Finding in Animal Communication

Since leaving AA, I feel like the world has opened up to me. When I was active in the program, a lot of activities that I used to do or was interested in trying went to the wayside. I’m still not sure if this is primarily because of people in AA’s judgments and advice to me about my life, or if it happened because I was so invested and involved in the program that I ended up dropping some of my interests and hobbies. I also know, though, that I tended to be really judgmental of things that seemed outside of the norm of AA. I know that this is a typical part of being in a cult, which is that a person internalizes what he or she learns and acts in accordance to cult ideals independently, even if these ideals do not match with their actual self. For me, this caused a lot of dissonance, which ultimately helped me to leave the organization.

I’ve always talked to my cats, and always knew that they understood. They have always responded verbally when I talk to them. However, I never thought much about this even though people would compliment me on my ability to get them to do tricks or to listen to me when they needed to. I was just so involved in AA that I never really looked into or tried to learn about my skills regarding animal communication, even though I practiced it constantly.

That was one issue about being in AA: I just didn’t explore the world around me or who I really was. I hung onto this idea that I was an alcoholic with all of these character defects and that I was a certain way or person because of it. Leaving AA, then, has been very positive for me because I’ve begun to explore things about myself such as the fact that I am an animal communicator and animal empath. I never would have explored this had I stayed in AA. My mind was just shut off.

One thing that I’m learning about animal communication is that the cats can choose whether they communicate with me or not when I attempt to communicate with them. Lucy, for example, does not always feel like talking, so he will in essence close his mind off to me when he doesn’t want to be disturbed. This means that I can’t hear what he’s thinking very well. Patrick, though, is very open to communication. We are learning how to have full conversations with each other. I usually respond to him verbally, but sometimes I do it telepathically as well. Both cats have always responded to my voice so this seems to be a good way to communicate with them.

It’s really nice and comforting to me to always have someone around who I can talk to. I know that a lot of people feel this way about pets. For me, though, because I talk to the cats telepathically, it really feels like they are like any other person that I might talk to, especially Patrick. This really helps fight off the loneliness that I’ve dealt with over the last few years as a result of most of my friends ditching me when I started to talk about sexual assault in AA. I have made new friends online, but the ones who I used to see in person seem to want nothing to do with me (these people are mostly from AA).

The other night, Patrick sat with me while I was reading the magazine Catser, which is a magazine about cats. I read excerpts from the magazine to him, and we took a quiz about what type of Valentine he is (this magazine is a couple of months old. I’m behind when it comes to reading my magazine subscription). It felt to me like I was reading to a child, except that Patrick is an adult cat and definitely understands things better than a young child does. Still, it helped to fill some holes that I have regarding the fact that I am unable to have children.

Every night David and I watch Good Mythical Morning on Youtube. Last night, Rhett and Link played a game where Link guessed what was about to happen in some videos from Reddit. He was given four choices for every scenario, and we were able to see the choices in the form of a multiple choice quiz. I always say out loud what I think the answer would be in these types of episodes, and cutely enough Patrick decided to weight in and give his answers. He was actually right on one of them that everyone else got wrong. Lucy weighed in on an answer or two as well. It was a lot of fun to play this game with them and David and I was thrilled that Patrick and Lucy decided to join in.

Patrick and Lucy also have a lot of questions about the trap that we’ve put out to catch stray cats, specifically the tuxedo that is crossing the nearby highway. They definitely aren’t too happy about it, but are still curious about what might happen if we catch a stray. Today Lucy let me know that he would be happy if we caught and kept a stray dog, as he loves dogs. But, I reminded him that even though he loves dogs, that he doesn’t like to use the litter box when one is in the house, meaning that a dog is not the best idea for us. Even so, Lucy loves to cuddle with dogs and is still hoping that one makes it into our yard due to the trap that we put out.

Tempest and Perdi have not been as open to communication as Patrick and Lucy. I’ve been talking verbally to Patrick and Lucy since they were kittens so it makes sense that they would catch on to telepathic conversation as well. Also, they tend to hang around me more than Tempest and Perdi. I still want to try to communicate with the latter too, though, even if they are not as interested in it as Patrick and Lucy are. Both cats seem interested in talking, but much more so on their own terms than Patrick and Lucy.

I also tend to sometimes just know how the cats feel or think without the use of any telepathy. This ability is called Claircognizance, and it is definitely my strongest psychic ability. I tend to have knowing about a lot of things, and I’ve always known certain truths about Patrick and Lucy, such as that they see me as their actual mommy. But, my ability to know decreased for a while while I was having repressed memories and was focusing on trauma. It is coming back slowly these days, and I hope that one day it will be stronger than ever. It’s a very useful ability to have when it comes to communicating with and understanding the cats, and in life in general.

Another way that I am trying to communicate with the cats is by sending them images telepathically about things that they may not understand or respond to verbally. For example, I sent some images to Patrick about swallowing in order to try to get him to swallow his medications. This is important because if he tries to spit them out instead of swallow, he’ll end up drooling the medications out. This is really upsetting and disturbing to him, and it can go on for up to 15 minutes or so if he doesn’t take his medications correctly. So, I’ve been trying every avenue that I can to convince him to swallow his medications. I even made up a song about swallowing that I sing to him along with others when he takes his medications. And, all of this seems to be working. Most days we get by without any drooling at all, when it used to be a few times a day occurrence. This example shows the benefits of animal communication for both animals and their owners, as it isn’t fun for me either to have to wipe up drool for some period of time.

Overall, though, for me the best part of animal communication is just connecting to my cats in a new and deep way. It’s a joy for me to be able to truly talk to and communicate with them. I am so glad that I am willing to try new things today.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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