An Update on the Blue Jays in our Yard

When David took Tempest for a walk yesterday, he noticed that there were a few blue-jays in the same place that I saw them the other day. He noticed, too, that they seem to be aggressively guarding a few trees in our yard. He thinks that there must be a nest in one of the trees because of how territorial they are acting, and also because they did not leave those trees, even with a cat near them. So I decided to go out with him and look to see what is going on. I brought Patrick with us so that he could look at these birds. What we both noticed is that they seemed again very aggressive and were very loud, as if they were warning us to stay away. I started to get concerned that they could attack us or Patrick, so we went inside. I did some research on Blue Jays and they are very protective of their nests and have attacked cats. So, I’m pretty glad that I listened to my intuition on this one and came inside. Because of these Blue Jays, though, when we walk the cats outside we are going to have to avoid that area of the yard in order to keep everyone safe. And, in terms of the whole situation, I do find it disconcerting to see birds be that aggressive, especially right off of our deck. I actually love birds and even have had parakeets myself. But, I’ve never been afraid of one up until yesterday. We’re going to have to be careful when we’re in the yard from now on, and I’m going to be on the lookout for baby birds. While these birds are scary, it is cool that they have decided to lay eggs on our property.

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