Our Property Seems to be a Haven For Animals Right Now

Lately, there have been a lot of animals in our property. And, they seem to want to hang around for awhile once they get here. Throughout the last few years, ever since I moved into this house, I’ve seen plenty of animals in our yard or property. A few months ago, though, for the first time there was a deer that what hanging out in the gulley on our property for at least a few days, up to maybe a week. What was different with this deer is that it didn’t come and go. It literally stayed right in the same area and just hung out there for some time.

This deer and others have been in and out of that area for a few months now, and as I said, they sometimes will stay for a few days rather than come and go like deer usually do. To me, this seemed like a good omen that things will improve for me and a sign that I am making the right choices in my life. This is because in my family deer are considered good luck. Also, if animals are being attracted to the house and basically to me, that means that my natural animal empath abilities are becoming stronger again. I feel like during the time period where my health was worse that I wasn’t sending out signals to animals like I usually do naturally.

Today there are more animals on our property than I’ve ever seen at once. But, I didn’t find this out in a fun way. I was awoken this morning to one of the cats screaming and hissing louder than I’ve almost ever heard outside of situations where they were defending me or themselves from my abusive ex-boyfriends. Because of this, I automatically assumed that someone must be in the house, because my cats only scream like that when they feel very threatened. I opened the bedroom door and came out to the living room to find Patrick just screaming at a black and white tuxedo cat that was on our deck. Now, I’ve seen this cat on our deck in the middle of the night a couple of times when the cats woke me up in the middle of the night by screaming and growling at it. This time, though, Patrick seemed livid, yet despite all of his aggression the cat signaled to me that he or she wanted me to come out and visit.

Soon enough, though, I noticed that there was actually another cat on our deck. This cat is a tabby and is a neighborhood cat. It made sense, then, that the cats were freaking out this much because there was not one but two cats on our deck. And, it seemed like these cats were getting along and did not want to leave.

I decided that I’d better check to make sure that this tabby is the neighborhood cat indeed, and to see if I could find a collar on the other one. I figured that if I could, I would catch the tuxedo and take it to a local vet for a microscan chip. Then, if the vet thought that it showed signs of being lost, I would/will put it in our spare bedroom and attempt to find the owner. David and I have actually done this before with a stray that was on our property. But, by the time that I got dressed, the tuxedo cat was gone. The tabby, though, was waiting for me right outside of the sliding door. I checked it’s collar and it is the neighborhood cat. This cat has been on our property a number of times and sometimes greets David and I when we leave the house. It knows us, and as soon as it saw me basically demanding to get some attention. And, as I walked around the house, looking for the other cat, the tabby followed me around until I went inside. I think that he or she is still on our deck, and it seems too as though the cats have calmed down about this. I’m betting that part of the reason why is that after I got back inside I explained to them that it was just the neighborhood cat, and that it poses no harm to us.

While I was searching our property for the tuxedo cat, I noticed that there were at least five blue jays in our back yard. Two of them were even sitting near each other on a tree right off of our deck. I’ve never seen this many blue jays at our house at once. In addition, they did not seem afraid of the outside cats at all.

It seems, then, that our house, or possibly our family, are attracting a lot of animals to our house right now. I like this, because I love all kinds of animals. I’m not sure that the cats do, though.

I am hoping that the tuxedo cat will come back to our house so that at least I can check to see if it has a collar that shows an address. I got a better look at the cat than I have before, too, and it seems to be a fairly young cat. So, it is possible that this a new neighborhood cat. Still, I always feel like it is my responsibility to check up on the outside or stray cats in our neighborhood when they come to our house. This is because I feel like it’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of the animals of this world, me included.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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