An Update On Our Cats

All four of our cats are doing pretty well these days. Patrick is keeping up with eating pretty well, and although he hates getting his medications, he does okay with it anyways. Lucy, on the other hand, enjoys getting his tasty fish-flavored medications. Here’s a video of him from my Youtube channel lapping up one of his medications (for some reason it won’t upload straight to the blog post):

Lucy loves this medication. He looks forward to getting it morning and night and sometimes can get so carried away with eating it that he bends the syringe that it’s given with.

Patrick also has decided to let Perdi cuddle with him lately. She used to cuddle with Marmalade all of the time before he passed away this past June. Since then, none of the boys have really wanted to take Marmalade’s place as Perdi’s Uncle, as David calls it. But, Patrick seems to be warming up to the idea of cuddling with him.

The other thing that I’ve noticed about Perdi is that when she wants to cuddle with me that she is much more snuggly than the boy cats. She will kind of throw herself up against me and cuddle into me and Patrick. I don’t know if this is something specific to female cats, or if it is something specific to Perdi. Regardless, I did take a video the other day where I tried to capture her cuddly nature:

Tempest is doing well overall, except for the fact that he’s been beating up on Perdi and Lucy for quite a bit. Yesterday he started a bad fight with Lucy and I was actually afraid that he may have hurt him. He didn’t, though, but Lucy was extremely frightened after it. For some reason, Tempest doesn’t even attempt to fight Patrick. Patrick, though, does get very scared when Tempest chases or attacks the other cats.

The other issue that we’re having with the cats is that Tempest, Perdi, and Lucy will try to lick food off of our plates if we leave them in the sink and don’t clean them off all of the way. Lucy got sick the other day because he ate out of the sink. He never did this before meeting David’s cats so I assume that he picked it up from them. In addition, Tempest will come up to David or I when we are eating practically anything and try to fish for a bite of our food. Here’s a picture of Tempest trying to convince me to give him some potato chips:

I’ve also started giving the cats treats after Patrick’s last medication of the night, and Tempest has already picked up on this pattern to the point of where he comes and sits below the counter where we keep the treats and waits patiently for his treat. It only took him a few days to pick up on the fact that I had started dispensing treats at that time. Cats sure are smart creatures.

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy the videos and pictures on my blog today. I wanted to post about something a bit lighter because a lot of my posts lately have dealt with heavy stuff.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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