An Update on Patrick

Patrick’s health has been touch and go for a few weeks now. He’s having issues with his arthritis, but it seems as though Dasiquin and CBD oil is helping with that. However, he’s still having problems eating. So just now I went ahead and left a message with his oncologist.

It’s scary to think that he won’t be around forever. He’s been my baby for about 13 1/2 years now, and I love him more than I can explain. Also, we’ve been through so much together. I really feel like he understands me and he obviously loves me very much.

Even though he’s not feeling well, though, it is nowhere close to where Marmalade was when he truly reached the terminal stage of cancer. When he was sick he was eating so little that he was obviously gaining weight, and he was constantly hiding underneath the bed and in small, cozy places. He would get attention but mostly wanted to stay to himself. This is what cats do when they don’t feel well; they tend to isolate themselves from everyone else.

Patrick isn’t isolating at all though. He still constantly wants attention and loves to sit in my lap and near my head when I sleep at night. Also, even though he’s having problems eating he isn’t losing weight like Marmalade was. Plus, part of Marmalade’s weight loss was due to the cancer itself and as I said before Patrick just isn’t at that stage yet.

Still, I need to mentally prepare myself for the fact that his condition could progress at any time, and that Patrick’s diagnosis of cancer will eventually turn terminal. It’s really sad and difficult to think about but it is true. And I think that it is important for me to work on accepting this now so that I don’t have a total breakdown like I did when Marmalade passed away.

I am working on ways to help Patrick through his daily doses of medications (he’s on many) and to make life more pleasant for him overall. He needs a lot of attention, love, and re-assurance right now, and he is definitely getting it. The rest of the cats can get a little jealous, though, but overall everyone’s pretty happy in our house today, including me and David.

I’ll continue to attempt to post updates here and there about how Patrick is doing. He is really a trooper for getting through all of this with such a good attitude. Marmalade was the same way too.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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