Patrick is Really Benefiting From CBD Oil

On top of having intestinal cancer, Patrick also has late stage arthritis in his knees and back. This can cause him a lot of pain to the point of where he does not want to eat and is pretty miserable.

Over the last few weeks he has had issues eating and has developed this really sad whine. It’s obvious that he hasn’t been feeling well and that it wasn’t just because of chemotherapy. This theory of ours was concreted when we caught Patrick having issues getting comfortable enough to actually use the litter box.

Now it is a very serious issue when a cat is unable to use the litter box. This is because it can lead to blockages in their bladder, which can be fatal. It can also lead to constipation, which also can result in all kinds of problems. So when I saw that Patrick was unable to use the litter box, I decided to take action right away.

Patrick used to be on a medication for arthritis called Dasiquin, but we stopped giving it to him when he stopped eating wet food. Looking back, I see that we should have continued giving it to him in liquid form. But we spaced on this medication, and the long term result was that his arthritis worsened over time.

So earlier this week we started giving Patrick this medication in liquid form, which means that we opened up the pill and mixed the powder within it with water. The good thing about Dasiquin is that it is a powder on the inside of the pill, so it is easy to mix with water or wet food. The other medication that we started giving him every day is CBD oil.

By last night he really seemed to have a lot more energy, more than I’ve seen him have for a long time. His meow was no longer whiny and sad, and he seemed happier than he’d been for awhile. I attribute this to both Dasiquin and CBD but mostly to CBD, as he really seemed very lighthearted last night.

David just called, though, and told me that he only ate 2/3 of his breakfast this morning, so I’m going to have to keep an eye on him today. Tomorrow we are actually picking up a weekly shot that also helps him with his arthritis and some ear cleaning solution as the one that we have expired (his ears get full of gunk due to allergies and right now pollen counts are high in our area).

Even so, he’s happily sitting on my lap right now and is not whining his “I don’t feel well” whine so I still think that he is feeling better. That’s really what matters, because sometimes cancer patients also won’t want to eat for a day or two. It’s hard with Patrick to know exactly what’s bothering him when he doesn’t eat because even anxiety can cause him to lose his appetite. He’s very picky about eating and always has been, and I’ve been having issues with him sometimes not eating since I found him as a kitten. Throw in cancer, late stage arthritis, anxiety, allergies, and the feline herpes virus, and it becomes hard to find ways to make sure that he’s eating, and it is takes detective work on our parts to figure out which condition is bothering him. David and I have learned what symptoms to look for with each condition or issue that he has so that we can treat as needed at home.

I hope that if you have a pet that they are doing well, and if you are one of my readers who is a cancer survivor or supporter of one I hope that this blog finds you well too. I myself have actually been an advocate for those who have cancer ever since my mom developed thyroid cancer when I was in middle school and soon after my Grandfather developed lung cancer. I saw even then what cancer can do to a person. My mom is in remission but my Grandfather passed away. Then, when I was in college, my Dad got prostate cancer. He participating in a clinical trial for a new type of treatment for prostate cancer (at the time) and has also been cancer free for quite some time. In addition, I came very close to developing cervical cancer myself, and my doctor actually told me that whether or not I actually had cancer was about 50/50. That was in 2011 and I have not had a re-occurrence. Obviously, though, a predisposition to develop cancer runs in my family.

I believe that these events, especially my mom’s cancer, have made me more sensitive to people’s struggles with cancer, which has helped me to deal with our three cats who have (had) cancer. In response to my mom’s cancer, I’ve participated in many Relay For Life Events over the years as well, starting in probably high school. The last one that I went to was I believe in 2013. But ever since my almost 4 year burnout I have not participated in that or many other events like this that I would normally go to. A big part of this is that right now I am avoiding crowds because my sensory processing issues really worsened over the last few years, and I am re-learning how to deal with this.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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